Go Chiller FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions about Go Chiller

Why should I choose Go Chiller?

Go Chiller keeps your computer cooler, increases performance and protects your system from bubbles, corrosion and microbes. We compared Go Chiller’s advanced liquid coolant to leading competitors - check out the data here.

Where can I buy Go Chiller?

You can buy Go Chiller right here! Go Chiller is available exclusively through this website.

Is Go Chiller available in all countries?

Go Chiller is currently available in the US, UK, Europe and Singapore. Please sign up to our mailing list or follow us on social media for updates on releases to new locations.

How do I mix the Go Chiller concentrate?

Dilute Go Chiller concentrate with de-ionised water in a ratio of 1 part Go Chiller to 3 parts water. Shake the mixture thoroughly before filling your cooling loop.

How often do I need to replace Go Chiller?

We recommend replacing Go Chiller every 12 months.

How do I dispose of Go Chiller?

Dispose of Go Chiller according to directions from local authorities.

Is Go Chiller compatible with copper?

Yes, Go Chiller is compatible with a range of metals with a specially designed additive package to protect against corrosion.

Does Go Chiller expire?

Go Chiller has a shelf life of more than 2 years before opening.

How should I store my Go Chiller?

Store Go Chiller in a cool place, out of reach of children.

What colour is Go Chiller?

Go Chiller liquid coolant for computers is black. Try Go Chiller for a unique look for your latest PC mod.

Can I mix Go Chiller with other PC coolants?

Engineered with specialty additives for maximum performance, Go Chiller is ready to use and doesn't require any further modification. Mixing Go Chiller with other coolants is not recommended.

Can I cool my CPU or GPU or both with Go Chiller?

Your DIY computer cooling system may use specially designed Go Chiller coolant. The temperature of your CPU and GPU will be lower with Go Chiller.

Can I overclock my computer with Go Chiller?

Overclocking generates a greater performance of your CPU or GPU but uses more electrical power and increases system temperature. The heat generated by your processors limits the extent that chips can be overclocked. Go Chiller lowers the temperatures of your processors, allowing higher overclock settings and maximising performance.

Will Go Chiller prevent thermal throttling of my system?

Go Chiller cannot prevent thermal throttling of your processors. However, the lower temperatures will reduce the amount and how often throttling occurs.