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Go Chiller Astro

Discover the Ultimate PC Coolant Collection

Elevate your custom water-cooled PC to new heights with our exclusive collection of PC coolants, featuring the exceptional Go Chiller Astro D-Series, UV-Series and Astro Ultimate. Whether you're an experienced enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of liquid cooling, our range of premium coolants provides unparalleled protection and performance.

Astro D-Series PC Coolant: Unrivalled Protection and Aesthetic Appeal

At the heart of our collection lies the Go Chiller Astro D-Series PC coolant, a pre-mixed, water-based solution engineered to safeguard your computer cooling system. With its premium inhibitor formulation, it shields vital components such as radiators, pumps, and water blocks from foams, rust, corrosion, cavitation, scaling, oxidation, and degradation, ensuring your PC stays in optimal condition.

What sets Astro D-Series apart is its exceptional colour stability and aesthetic flexibility. With six transparent colours to choose from, you can match your build's aesthetic vision effortlessly.

Astro UV-Series PC Coolant: Vibrant colours in UV light

Unleash the extraordinary with the UV-active variants of our Astro PC cooling liquids. These mesmerising coolants don't just shine; they erupt into a radiant spectacle under UV light, transforming your custom water-cooled PC into an unparalleled masterpiece. With a vibrant selection of three fluorescent colours, the Astro UV-Series unlocks limitless possibilities for crafting a truly one-of-a-kind, eye-catching PC modding experience that will leave everyone in awe.

Astro Ultimate

If you are seeking the ultimate in long lasting PC coolants for your build, then our Astro Ultimate is for you. Astro Ultimate is a crystal-clear coolant that will continue to maintain your custom waterloop for a market-leading 5 years in service. Rest easy knowing that your PC setup has the best protection with the last coolant you will ever need, Astro Ultimate.

Explore the Full Collection of Astro coolants

Our collection features a variety of PC coolant options, each designed to meet the demands of water-cooled PC enthusiasts like you. From UV-active variants that add a captivating dimension to your build to traditional coolants that prioritize top-tier performance, there's something for every PC builder in our selection. We even offer an ultra-long-life coolant, our Astro Ultimate, for builders who want to minimize maintenance and upkeep.

Discover the world of custom water-cooling with confidence. Explore our collection of PC coolants today and transform your PC into a work of art that not only performs exceptionally but also looks stunningly unique. Elevate your PC cooling game with Go Chiller.

Better for your computer, better for the environment

Frequently asked questions

Yes, Go Chiller Astro coolants are available worldwide.

Yes, Go Chiller Astro coolants are pre-mixed and ready to use.

We guarantee Astro D-Series coolant will last 3 years in service. We recommend replacing your Astro UV-Series coolant every 2 years to ensure the smooth running of your cooling system. Our Astro Ultimate will last 5 years in service.

If the coolant level drops due to evaporation, please top-up with deionised water only.

Yes, all Go Chiller products are compatible with a range of metals such as copper, nickel and aluminium, with a specially designed additive package to protect against corrosion.