What people are saying about Go Chiller

“Is Graphene Safe For your Loop After 8 Months?”

2020Tech4U, 21 August 2022

Review of Go Chiller Original graphene-based coolant

“This looks so friggin’ cool”

“Never had like this coolant before... This water block looks amazing... This looks so friggin’ cool!”

STS, 3 April 2022

STS reviews Go Chiller Original high-performance pc liquid coolant

“Amazing performance"

“This fluid incredibly awesome and the perfect combo with our pc build... Amazing performance!”

TM Custom, 15 February 2022

TM Custom review custom pc build with Go Chiller Original coolant

“I want some more”

“It does show an improvement… and looks really friggin cool. It’s legitimately the coolest-looking coolant I’ve ever seen… I like it. I want some more.”

Linus Tech Tips, 1 September 2021

Linus Tech Tips review of Go Chiller pc coolant

“Turned out better than expected”

Designs by IFR, 27 June 2021

Designs by IFR custom PC build test and review Go Chiller

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