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Don't forget this...

Go Chiller Original Pre-Mix liquid coolant for PC systems is engineered for elite gamers where performance matters.

Go Chiller lowers the processor temperatures to increase CPU and GPU performance. Uniquely formulated, Go Chiller Original is compatible with all standard materials to protect your system. Specialty additives allow ease of filling of waterblocks.

We compared Go Chiller Original’s advanced liquid coolant to leading competitors using well known benchmarking tools, and the results are incredible! Check it out.

Black in colour and ready to use, add Go Chiller Original Pre-Mix directly to your cooling loop and experience the coolness!

For maximum performance, we recommend flushing your system of any previous coolant with Go Chiller Prep-Cool and Deionised Water before adding Go Chiller Original.


Frequently asked questions

Go Chiller Original coolants are currently available in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Taiwan.   

We are working on rolling out our Original range of products globally, however we need to fit with local regulatory requirements. We are trying to resolve this as soon as possible. Please sign up to our mailing list in the footer below or follow us on social media for updates on releases to new locations. 

Go Chiller Original is available in black only. Due to the unique nanofluid formulation, colours are not possible. If you’re looking for coloured coolants, check out our Astro extreme colour series.

Go Chiller Original Pre-Mix is, as the name suggests, a pre-mixed coolant that is ready to use and can be added directly to cooling loops, straight from the bottle, with no mixing or dilution required. 

Go Chiller Original Concentrate requires dilution with deionised water before use. It’s ideal for minimising shipping costs and ease of storage. When mixed, the Concentrate makes 1L of coolant.

Yes, Go Chiller Original Pre-Mix is ready to use and can be added directly to cooling loops with no mixing required. 

Instructions for use 

1. Turn off and unplug your computer 

2. Drain existing coolant and chemically flush  

3. Fill your loop with Go Chiller Original Pre-Mix and experience the coolness! 

For maximum performance, flush your system of any previous coolant with deionised water before adding Go Chiller coolants (check out our Go Chiller Deionised Water!). We recommend using our Prep-Cool flush for a thorough clean.

We recommend replacing your Go Chiller Original coolant every 12 months to ensure the smooth running of your cooling system.

Yes, all Go Chiller products are compatible with a range of metals such as copper, nickel and aluminium, with a specially designed additive package to protect against corrosion.