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FlexeGRAPH Go Chiller premium coolant for PC liquid cooling rigs

Published by Geeky Gadgets, 12 February 2021

If your considering building a new liquid cooled PC you may be interested to know that FlexeGRAPH has created a new premium liquid coolant, designed to lower system temperatures and increases CPU and GPU performance…

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Go Chiller coolant from FlexeGRAPH provides even lower temperatures

Published by WhatNext, 9 February 2021

FlexeGRAPH has just unveiled its new Go Chiller radiator fluid, which has immediately become a premium product in its offer. It was designed as the best PC coolant for those who demand the highest performance…

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FlexeGRAPH Announces Go Chiller Premium Coolant for DIY Liquid Cooling Setups

Published by TechPowerUp, 9 February 2021

Go Chiller has been designed by FlexeGRAPH to provide the best PC Liquid coolant for Gamers who require the ultimate in performance…

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Go Chiller: cooling liquid with graphene nanoparticles

Published by PCGH, 26 January 2021

With the Go Chiller coolant, the Australian company FlexeGraph promises significantly better cooling performance…

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