The importance of using a safe pre-mixed coolant

The importance of using a safe pre-mixed coolant

Checking blogs on the PC community gamers, the first criteria to select a coolant are performance, stability and look, but what about the chemicals behind that coolant? Are all the coolants safe for us, our children, our pets and our environment? 

An analysis of coolant shows it mainly consists of deionised water with small amounts of antifreeze, corrosion inhibitors, surfactants and biocides. Common antifreeze additives are ethylene glycol and propylene glycol. Ethylene glycol ingestion can be fatal for humans and pets; >1 mL/kg in a child could be potentially lethal. In addition, ethylene glycol has recently shown teratogenic effects interfering with normal foetal development. Is that what we want to expose ourselves and our children to? Propylene glycol or water-based coolants are non-toxic, safe to use and environmentally friendly. 

Looking in detail at corrosion inhibitors and biocides, chemicals with teratogenic effects and mutagenic effects on pregnant women with possible malformations are used; in particular, sodium 2-ethylhexanoate and 2-ethyl hexanoic acid with concentrations higher than recommended 2.5%, wt. Many companies generally state biocide in their material safety data sheets (MSDS) without specifying the chemical components. Biocides are hazardous chemicals with the function of destroying and preventing biological growth. They are very harmful to the environment with long-lasting effects. Depending on the concentration, they can cause skin reactions, burns or eye damage and become fatal if ingested or in contact with the skin.  

Remember that using opacifiers like ZnO or TiO2 in pastel coolants is highly toxic to aquatic organisms at a low concentration of 0.1 mg/L. There are many concerns about using these chemicals in sunscreens too. Some parts of the world have banned these specific opacifiers because they can destroy coral reef barriers. It is our responsibility not to tip the product in the sink and dispose of it according to the regulations.  

It is also concerning that companies declare their product containing these dangerous chemicals are not hazardous, avoiding mentioning them on the labels or MSDS while people are continuously exposed to them in their bedrooms. As it is easy to note, using a toxic product has many consequences.

How to reduce the risk of using coolants?

Before purchasing the item, try to search or ask for the MSDS. Read the document and the safety statements words and if there are symbols like the following ones:

Chemical safety icons_Warning
Chemical safety icons_Corrosive
Chemical safety icons_Harmful to aquatic life
Warning Corrosive Harmful to aquatic life

Chemical safety icons_Serious health hazard
Chemical safety icons_Acute toxicity
Chemical safety icons_Flammable
Serious health hazard Acute toxicity Flammable

Be aware of your exposure to these chemicals and the long-lasting health and environmental issues that they are causing. In addition, choosing a non-toxic and biodegradable coolant like Go chiller Astro premix using FDA-approved ingredients does not reduce your PC gaming performance. Still, it ensures superior metal protection and safety without cutting performances.

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