Go Chiller

Go Chiller coolant for computers is available in the US, UK, Europe and Singapore. If you are interested in purchasing Go Chiller outside of these countries, please contact us.

The choice of coolant in your latest PC mod really matters. Some coolants may look good but lack complete protection for your components. Standard coolants provide limited heat transfer preventing your CPU or GPU from reaching supreme performance, particularly under extended gameplay or maximum overclocking conditions.

Go Chiller liquid coolant is an advanced formulation engineered for the ultimate cooling performance of computer systems. Check out our benchmarks and see the potential gains in your system. Lower processor temperatures mean better stability, less thermal throttling and lower fan noise.

Our formulation protects your precious and expensive hardware from corrosion and microbial growth. With a specialty additive package, Go Chiller liquid coolant for PCs minimises bubble formation in your cooling system and on the cold plate. Go Chiller is compatible with copper, aluminium, nickel and brass. Compare our formulation with other coolants on the market.

Go Chiller is available in a pre-mixed, ready to use formulation to add directly to your cooling system. We also offer a concentrated version for modders that prefer to mix themselves. Go Chiller liquid coolant for computers is Powered by Flexegraph.

Prices are in USD.