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Go Chiller Prep-Cool is a biodegradable and eco-friendly product to prepare your system before adding any new coolant.

Prep-Cool removes rust, scale and other deposits from computer cooling systems that could otherwise prevent the circulation of coolant through the radiator or water block, causing damage.

Prep-Cool also prepares and neutralises any coolant remaining in the loop eliminating compatibility issues if changing brands.

We recommend using Go Chiller Deionised Water with Prep-Cool.


Frequently asked questions

Using low-quality water containing high ion concentration for flushing out old coolants is a common and potentially costly mistake. Leaving this water for two to three days in the cooling loop while checking for leaks can cause corrosion, erosion and microbial activities. Go Chiller has designed a specially made, non-toxic product with an antimicrobial function called Prep-Cool that is harmless to all metals, rubber and seals for safely preparing loops for new coolants.  

Prep-Cool can help detect leaks, remove internal rust and corrosion deposits and help avoid adverse reactions with incompatible coolants. Preparing your loop with Prep-Cool helps prevent overheating failures and extends the life of water blocks, radiators and pumps. We strongly recommend diluting Prep-Cool with deionised water with low contents of dissolved salts (<100 ppm), like Go Chiller Deionised Water

Yes, Go Chiller Prep-Cool is available worldwide.

1. Drain your loop and rinse with deionised water and drain again  

2. Add Prep-Cool to your system and fill as necessary with deionised water 

3. Start pump and circulate Prep-Cool in your cooling loop for 45 minutes  

4. Stop the pump and leave Prep-Cool in your system for 6-8 hours 

5. Drain Prep-Cool and rinse again with deionised water 

6. Fill your loop with your new coolant

Yes, all Go Chiller products are compatible with a range of metals such as copper, nickel and aluminium, with a specially designed additive package to protect against corrosion.