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Maintaining liquid cooling systems: monitor your coolant for maximum performance

Maintaining liquid cooling systems for maximum performance

Coolant is an essential part of a liquid cooling system for gaming PCs. Ensure continued high performance by understanding the ingredients in the coolant and when it is time to change.

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Overclocking a GPU the basics - Go Chiller Blog

Overclocking a GPU: The Basics

With the global chip shortage driving up the prices of new GPUs, getting the most out of your current hardware is critical. Here is a guide for beginners on how to overclock your GPU to gain up to 10% more frames per second.

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Go Chiller liquid coolant in a computer

Air or Liquid Cooling for Computers: Which is better?

The cooling requirements for your PC are an essential factor for your next build. Here are some points to consider before deciding whether air or liquid cooling is the best option for you.

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Does your coolant foam?

Does your computer coolant foam?

Choosing the best liquid coolant is critical for ensuring the highest performance of your PC. An often overlooked property of your computer coolant, the tendency to foam when shaken, is essential to consider. Foaming is an indicator of the likelihood of bubble formation in your system.

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