The Secret Sauce

Secret Sauce - the science behind Go Chiller

Graphene conducts heat 10,000 times better than water.

Go Chiller utilises this unique property to provide a solution that is extremely efficient at removing heat from your system.

The Secret Sauce - the science behind Go Chiller

Go Chiller’s patented, breakthrough technology allows a significant improvement on heat exchange compared with standard water/glycol products. This provides unprecedented performance in computer applications where managing and directing high thermal loads is critical

The Secret Sauce - the science behind Go Chiller

Our standard solution also contains corrosion inhibitors to protect your investment, as well as antimicrobials to prevent biological growth.


Go Chiller has been designed by Flexegraph engineers to provide the best cooling for gamers demanding the ultimate in performance. We have identified three key liquid requirements that make Go Chiller the best choice for keeping processors cool; thermal conductivity, viscosity and foaming. The following measurements were taken at 20°C.


Thermal Conductivity

The thermal conductivity of Go Chiller is the highest for a commercially available coolant and even out-performs water. A high thermal conductivity means rapid heat transfer from the processors giving an immediate fast reduction in temperatures.​

Go Chiller Secret Sauce Tech Info Thermal Conductivity Results


Go Chiller has an ultra-low viscosity meaning our coolant is easy to pump through your system, keeping flow rates high and temperatures low. It also aids in heat rejection through your radiator reducing heat soak and temperatures over extended gaming play.

Go Chiller Secret Sauce Tech Info Viscosity Test Results


Go Chiller has a specially designed additive package to inhibit corrosion and microbial growth, protecting your precious system for the long haul. We have also produced a coolant with low foam, to make filling easy and reduce the formation of bubbles throughout your cooling loop, particularly over the hottest part, the processor. ​

Go Chiller Secret Sauce Tech Info Foaming Test Results


The blue column is the height of the foam measured immediately after shaking. The orange column is the height of foam measured after 60 seconds.