Go Chiller

Go Chiller Concentrate 5L

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Go Chiller Concentrate 5L

Go Chiller concentrated coolant for computers is engineered for PC modders and builders looking for a unique liquid for high performance and visual impact.

Black in colour, Go Chiller moreover provides protection for cooling systems from corrosion and microbes.

Supplied in a concentrated form for the convenience of storage and shipping, Go Chiller concentrate should be diluted as directed with de-ionised water before use. Find out more about mixing the concentrate on our FAQs page.

5 litres of concentrate makes 20 litres of coolant.

Go Chiller lowers the processor temperatures to increase CPU and GPU performance. Uniquely formulated, Go Chiller is compatible with all standard materials to protect your system. Specialty additives allow ease of filling of waterblocks.

We recommend flushing the system of your previous coolant with de-ionised water before adding Go Chiller for maximum performance.

Please note: Due to extended COVID-19 lockdowns across the country and high parcel volumes impacting carrier operations, customers may experience delivery delays.